A young girl's world comes down crashing as she may be forced to live a life she didn't choose for herself. Perplexed and broken, she tries to figure out what lies ahead.

Role : Editor


Led the print traffic team of the festival ​to ensure smooth and timely acquisition of films. Managed the technicals and logistics of coordinating 180 films across 8 venues and 18 screens. 

For: Mumbai Film Festival

Role : Producer, Film and Digital Services

Video on the online battle

between T-Series and PewDiePie for the title of the most subscribed Youtube channel. 

        PewDiePie reviewed our video on

        his channel. Watch here.

For Asian Boss​

Role : Reporter

Short videos from the

designer's show at

Lakme Fashion Week 2018


For : Kallol Datta 1955

Role : Videographer/ Editor

Ask The Sexpert is an award​

winning documentary about a 94 year old

sexpert in Mumbai. 


For : Coast to Coast Films, NY

Role : Post Production Coordinator (For PBS broadcast)

& Festival Outreach Associate

A video series about how state 

legislators in US are joining forces to 

fight for reproductive rights. 


For : State Innovation Exchange, NY

Role : Production Assistant

An interactive theatre and video 

presentation at the 3LD centre.  


For : 3 Legged Dog, NY

Role : Intern & Assistant Editor


Assisted in VR and Print Traffic departments


For : Tribeca Film Festival

Role : Crew member

This short film stars Sayani Gupta​in the lead.


For : Reliance

Role : Production Assistant

A video made for Reliance Foundation's

Education For All programme. 


For : Reliance

Role : Production Assistant &

Camera Assistant